scott.jpgpolly.jpgBarron Scott Levkoff and Polly Whittaker have been working together since 2002, producing events, creating collaborative art, and studying creative people and how they operate in community.

Polly originates from London, and has a history in counter culture fashion design and performance. She moved to San Francisco in 2000, where she met Barron Scott Levkoff- a West Coast veteran with a background in puppetry, improv acting and production design. Together they founded Mission Control, a creative community space which became the venue for many of their social experiments.

In 2007 they published ‘The Beauty Engine’- a guide to their work detailing their experiences and their theories, and laying out a definitive framework for building your own creative community, providing practical tools for creating transformative experiences.

They believe that culture is on the verge of a massive metamorphosis, and they have dedicated their lives to help midwife this process.

Their ultimate goal is to create a pop culture sensation that hurls mankind into a cultural renascence, infusing society with more intelligence, heart, creativity and authenticity.

In the meantime they continue to produce events, experiences, and experiments at Mission Control, play minigolf and travel whenever they can, meeting fellow culture builders.