iPhone Stunt

What could be more fun than playing Peepshow Minigolf in downtown San Francisco? Most of the time we would have been moved along by the cops, but this was a special occasion. The iPhone was being released and there was a media frenzy. The line was around the block by the time the door opened, but when we arrived there were only four people ahead of us. We set up Peepshow Minigolf right in front of the Apple Store, and played golf for 36 hours straight. We were there for the media circus. Our pictures were seen in global printed press from New Zealand to India. Here are just a few of the pictures, nabbed from websites across the internet far and wide. 

img_5472.jpg img_5489.jpg img_5470.jpg


iday_peep_show_girls.jpg   658334992_8c22aebfa7_m.jpg


thumb140×140_654524131_0d3d8e18c2_o.jpg  thumb140×140_654524573_27af3d0894_o.jpg  thumb140×140_654530975_12c7a8d419_o1.jpg

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