The Evolution Revolution Roadshow

The flatbed of a pickup truck which had been transformed into a alternative-fuel-wood-burning-gasifier was the stage for our community based ‘talent show’ at the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Santa Barbara. We drove 30 of our core members there in Chicken John’s bus- the whole experience was designed to be a journey of self discovery and transformation, and we wove everything we have learned over the past few years into it.

J-Rad: ” I have had a lot of amazing experiences in my life, mainly since I met you guys, but this weekend was the most amazing experience I have ever had.” 

Polly: “In your whole life ever?”

J-Rad: “In my whole life. Ever.”

503486768_fae134ccb9_o.jpg   503486766_e4f1ca762f_o.jpg

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