Everything we do hangs from this framework-our Social Design which informs our process.

There are a million different ways to put it into practice, but the basic Beauty Engine Framework is actually very simple: Clearly articulate and communicate the following elements and your community will become happier, healthier and more productive. There are all kinds of tools and methods for doing just that, but the end result is the same.


Individuals take time to think about who they are. We encourage a creative approach to identity, exploring all your social personae, not just the obvious ones


Within every community there exists an abundance of abilities resources wisdom and social capital. Individuals are encouraged to let their community know what they’ve got


When members are clear about what they want to offer and what their specific needs are, their collaboration will be far more effective. Abilities can be utilized resources can be put to work and wisdom can spread.


In order for a community to thrive members meet together in physical space not just online. Spend time exploring the mission and the vision of your group, and state it clearly to the world


When a community makes clear agreements about how they operate most misunderstandings can be avoided. Rather than making assumptions about how you operate, make your agreements clear.


When members inspire each other with creative challenges and instigate activities they can really put their resources and talents to use. This is where collaboration happens and where people can share their experiences about the successful ways they collaborated.